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Our motto: We wish your cab like your home

“the aim of a company is not simply to make a profit, but the existence of itself as a community of men”.

Centesimus Annus, Pope John Paul II

Transforming the daily creation of economic value in a long-term social value;
putting the customer and all the people who work with the company at the center of the company.
and move by the desire for continuous improvement,  approach borrowed from the Japanese spirit of KAIZEN (“change for the better”, improving every day“)

Our Inspirers

We work with intensity, energy and enthusiasm because not these are not only words but facts

Our story

The AGRITAL S.r.l. was founded in 1978 as a manufacturer of tractor cabins and later as a supplier of original equipment in the construction and industrial vehicles as forklifts or sweeper for example.

The company’s business has been greatly expanded and diversified in recent years, the contribution of newtechnologies along with the enhancement of the know-how gained over the years have allowed the emergence of new markets.

The large investment plan in early 2000 made it possible to produce fully Agrital all the carpentry of their cabins
In recent years, the company is watching with great interest to overseas markets such as India and North America.

Agrital is involved in other business sectors, exactly: hitech metalworking services ( and metal homeware (

Under Sovema brand we produce also, in a different plant, agriculture implements. For more info please visit 

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