Skid steers cabins

Skid steers cabins

Skid steers cabins

We produce cabs and enclosure kits for wheeled and tracked skid steer loaders.

Thanks to our kits it is possible to significantly improve working comfort and give new life to second-hand vehicles.

We offer the integral closure of the protective frame (ROPS) with tempered and approved athermic crystals. It is also possible to add to the kit the heating system, air conditioning, windshield wiper with washer and additional LED headlights to improve night working conditions.

For special applications, the classic glass can be replaced with a plexiglass version (polycarbonate), which is unbreakable to impacts, or the glass itself can be equipped with reinforced and removable protection nets, if necessary.

Our cabins not only protect the operator from bad weather conditions but also allow for a significant reduction in noise level. They are in fact a significant soundproofing barrier.

Available models

Our offer currently covers JCB, Kubota, Volvo and Gehl skid steers loaders. For more information you can visit the dedicated page.

However, if your model is not included in the list, by contacting our sales department we can prepare a dedicated offer for you.

In fact, the size of the crystals must be adapted starting from a universal basic cabin..

Replacement skid steer glass. Spare parts for doors and windows.

For our customers we also offer replacement spare parts for original glass and windows. Also if they are not part of our enclosure kit.

In fact, several skid steers have some glass as standard, such as the rear or the right side. In case of breakage we can also supply these glasses.