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Cabs for tractors, earthmoving machinery and industrial vehicles

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Tradition et expérience

Since 1972 we have been manufacturing driver’s cabs for agricultural tractors, industrial vehicles and earthmoving machinery. From the beginning we have focused on quality and safety, in fact all our products have always been certified according to OECD, ISO and SAE standards.

Comfort and customization
produzione cabine per escavatore

Today, thanks to a team of almost 50 people, we are able to supply original equipment cabins to various manufacturers both in Italy and in Europe. We respond to different needs with a high level of product customization and attention to detail to increase comfort. We equip earthmoving machines such as cranes, excavators, backhoe loaders and wheel loaders. Industrial vehicles such as forklifts, road sweepers and electric multifunction vehicles. Special applications such as railway trains for maintenance of overhead lines and mining and quarrying vehicles.

cabina di guida per terna escavatrice
Simplicity and safety

We also produce cabins for the after market sector. In particular for agricultural tractors, professional lawnmowers, skid steers and forklifts. A simple product but for which we do not give up on safety. In fact, even for the second equipment cabs we carry out all the necessary approvals starting from the ROPS anti-rollover test according to OECD and SAE standards. All after market products are distributed thanks to our widespread sales network present in Europe, North America, Oceania and India. The cabins are distributed under both the Agrital brand and the Sovema brand, a company belonging to the same industrial group.

Innovation and evolution
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Innovation for us is a stimulus and a continuous challenge that keeps our organization young and alive. We always look towards the future to improve our products by increasing their comfort with the introduction of new materials and technical solutions. In our marketing activities we experiment with new sales and communication channels. But above all, we make our know-how available for new products and applications, trying to respond promptly to the changing demand and new needs of our customers.


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