Cabin production since 1972

Agrital is a family-run company that has been designing and building driver’s cabs since 1972, initially for the agricultural sector (hence the name) and later also for other sectors, primarily for earthmoving machinery. Together with Sovema, a manufacturer of agricultural machinery for working the soil, it forms a single industrial group with the same ownership.

Our motto: You cabin your home

“the aim of a company is not simply to make a profit, but the existence of itself as a community of men”. Centesimus Annus, Giovanni Paolo II

The continuous desire to improve in order to be more and more a social entity: a source of peaceful work for collaborators, a loyal resource for suppliers and customers, an active figure in one’s own territory. Transforming the creation of daily economic value into long-term social value.

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Our aims

the continuous desire to innovate at all levels, not just for the product. Knowing how to face challenges, experiencing competition as a stimulus to growth. Always have the customer at the center: for the product and for the service, and do it to the best of one’s ability. This has led us to offer increasingly innovative cabs for both tractors, forklifts and earthmoving machinery.

Our ideals

The Japanese philosophy of kaizen: continuous and constant improvement. The 21st century approach to production applied to booths: Lean Production and SixSigma. And finally the 4Es: energetic (energy), energizing (energizes), decision makers (edge) but always concrete (execution)

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Our history

AGRITAL S.r.l. was founded in 1972 as a manufacturer of cabs for agricultural tractors and subsequently as a supplier of original equipment in earthmoving, forklifts and industrial vehicles

The company’s business has significantly expanded and diversified in recent years, the contribution of new cutting-edge technologies together with the enhancement of the know-how gained over the years have allowed us to enter new markets. In recent years, the company has been looking with considerable interest at non-European markets such as India and North America

The substantial investment plan in the early 2000s made it possible for Agrital to completely produce all the carpentry of its cabins and to diversify its offer with high-tech third-party services ( and the launch of a line of metal furniture items ( With the SOVEMA brand we also produce agricultural equipment at the Gaggio di Piano (Modena) plant. For more information, please visit Agrital is associated with Confindustria Bergamo.

Environmental impact

We are also attentive to the environmental impact of our business. This is why we have installed a free automatic water dispenser to reduce the consumption of plastic bottles. According to an estimate in the company up to 2018, about 18,000 0.5-liter bottles were consumed per year. To produce these bottles you need about 240 kg of PET which therefore involved a consumption of 500 kg of oil and an incredibly 4100 liters of mains water! We also avoid 550 kg of carbon dioxide emissions, as well as other substances such as carbon monoxide and sulfur oxide. A 240 Kwp photovoltaic system has been active since 2021, resulting in a lack of emissions into the atmosphere of about 135,000 kg of carbon dioxide per year.


magazzino automaticoWe try to improve ever, step by step with kaizen philosophy. For that during 2023 we have installed a new vertical automated storage and a new laser tube machine.