OEM operator cabins

We design and manufacture original equipment operator cabs for slow moving industrial vehicles, streets sweeper and earth moving machines.

Design and productionoperator cab inside

We can take care of the entire realization of the product, starting from the preliminary phase from the style sketches and the three-dimensional design to conclude with the mass production.

Based on the customer’s production structure, we can supply our cabs with both plug and play solutions (ie complete in every aspect) and with simpler solutions, which are then completed on the vehicle manufacturer’s assembly line.

Thanks to the flexibility of our production line we can produce booths in both small and medium batches. It was possible to achieve this result thanks above all to the huge investments made in the internal carpentry department.


At the end of the assembly line we have a testing island for a thorough check of the product before shipping; designed thanks to the internal know-how gained. By following the specific check lists agreed with the customer, we can check the waterproofing, electrical and air conditioning systems, paint and welds (we are certified for this according to ISO3834-3) and ISO9001:2015.


operator cabin for industrial vehicle

Finally, in a global market it is essential to provide certified products to comply with the regulations and safety standards at work of the various states. For this we offer the possibility of homologation in accordance with different international standards: SAE, ISO and OECD.

We perform the following tests: FOPS (falling objects from above), ROPS (anti rollover), dust tightness (cabin pressurization), visibility, road traffic, soundproofing and assessment of habitability and ergonomics.


Over forty years of activity has allowed us to provide original equipment cabins for different applications, also increasing our business and professional experience. Today we are present in earthmoving machines and cranes, agricultural tractors and self-propelled mixer wagons, road sweepers, railway vehicles and operating machines.

Future applications for us too will increasingly involve ecological, low-emission and electric vehicles. Where comfort and habitability will be essential as our motto says:

your cabin, your home