The design of all our cabins is carried out internally. Whether these are cabins for excavators, tractors or industrial vehicles in general. The project is the exclusive property of the customer.

We adopt a 3D design software and it’s easy to communicate with customers. Furthermore, to support the certification phase, we have a program for structural calculations. Finally, we create the prototypes and mock-up mannequins thanks to a dedicated internal department.

When a more thorough study is required in terms of design, in case it involves the entire body car (restyling), in the absence of partners proposed by the customer, we have a strategic and multi-year collaboration with primary design company, ITG project.

Aebi TT206 cab
omologazione ROPS


We carry out research and development activities to improve comfort: noise reduction, increased visibility, internal ergonomics, active pneumatic suspension systems. The studies are also carried out in collaboration with the Universities of Bergamo and the Polytechnic of Milan

We also collaborate with the IMAMOTER institute, a dedicated department of the National Research Center (CNR) for the execution of homologation tests in compliance with the international standards according to the ISO, SAE and OECD protocols. The tests we perform are for anti-rollover (ROPS), falling objects from above (FOPS), verification of soundproofing, visibility and pressurization (insulation from external dust).