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Operator cabins for cranes

We design and build custom-made cabins for cranes. The applications are diverse: from tower cranes for construction, to crane for ships, for forestry work, for port terminals (container handling and quay) and for special applications.

Each model has its own particularities according to the field of application. In fact, to respond to individual needs thanks to our technical office and the production cycle which is completely internal and guarantees us the necessary quality, flexibility and speed, even for small batches.

For cabins for cranes, even more than for other models, we pay close attention to internal ergonomics and visibility. In effect, the work area can be meters away, a particular condition that is not found in other operating machines (excavators, tractors, wheel loaders and more). Furthermore, access to the cabin takes several minutes, which ensures that the operator never leaves the cabin during the entire work shift, also a single aspect of the cranes. So ergonomics and comfort are even more essential.

For example, the latest model producted is an operator cabin for bridge cranes for outdoor using. In accordance with the needs of use, particular attention was paid to soundproofing, climate and heating systems and high visibility.

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