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Cabin for electric vehicle

cabina per veicolo elettrico

Original equipment cabin for the Del Morino Rino multifunction electric tractor.

Electric vehicles are the new frontier also for the world of agriculture. Especially the biological one, as they allow to operate with zero emissions.

For its nature as a multifunctional tractor, a cab is fundamental. To use it even in winter (for example as a snowplow or salt spreader) or on very sunny and dusty days or during biological treatments (it is equipped with an activated carbon filter). For this reason, the cabin provides the possibility of being equipped with both heating, air conditioning and pressuritation system.

As standard, it offers a front windshield wiper with washer, an internal courtesy light, soft touch linings, ergonomic seat and joystick, removable and washable mats. It also offers opening side windows, left side access door with quick removal system. The windscreen is approved for road circolation.

The design of the cabin is made to combine comfort with a frame that is in any case light in order to put too much pressure on the batteries and therefore not affect the overall autonomy of the machine.

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