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Cabins for harvesting machines

We design and produce complete driving cabs for harvesting machines. These include self-propelled sprayers, mixer wagons and special machines for agriculture in general.

cabina gemini bellavista raccogli insalata

The cabs can be approved for anti-rollover (ROPS), falling objects from above (FOPS). Furthermore, they can be certified to reach pressurization standards up to class 4 (suitable for treatments).

Each cabin offers high levels of operator comfort in addition to the essential ergonomic analysis. We offer soundproofing kits and powerful HVAC systems (heating and air conditioning) that can guarantee the use of the machine for prolonged workshifts, typical for harvesting machines.

cabina rath raccogli patate

Other accessories complete the customization such as LED headlights, DAB radio, sun blinds, refrigerator, electric mirrors, etc.

Thanks to our production flexibility we are able to produce cabs for niche vehicles even in a few units per year.

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