Quality department
3D checking dimensional machine

We believe that the quality department is essential for all our company’s activities, so for this reason we have made several investments in recent years. We want to offer to our customers cutting-edge products that are always better cared in all single detail.

This means to apply our motto: Your cab your home!

We desire that our cabins became like a home so we take care every detais, from the design to the realization of each component.

For that we check all stages of our production process. We carry out checks from the acceptance of the raw materials to the final assembly with standard and specific checks for each product.

Our office is equipped with the most modern instrumentation and applies control protocols agreed with customers. Furthermore, the integration of control software with CAD has improved communication with the technical office.

Finally special controls have been developed for the verification of the painting. In particular  for the marine (off-shore) version which must operate in brackish environments, therefore very aggressive.

Finally, since 2020 we have been ISO3834-3 certified, specific certification for structural welding such as those of the ROPS and FOPS approved frames of our cabins. The process is validated by Italcert.